This isn't Banking as you know it.
Banking Re-engineered in no small way.
The Bank Account for the Young, Wild and Free.
Powered by Ecobank.

Like a Bank.
Unlike any Bank.

Bank Account

The simplest way of opening an Account. Open a Dope Account today.

ATM Card

A Dope Card comes right after the account is open.

Mobile App

The world at your finger tips. The App is all you need after getting the card.

Life is easier with Dope.

The Bank you love.
On the go

Take control of your finances. With just one app, one card.

Manage everything directly in the Dope App—set payment limits, lock your card, and send money to friends. All in real time. With the Card you can make secure payments in store, on the app or on the web.

The easiest way to send money.

Sending money is as simple as sending a message. You can use the Dope App to send and receive money right in the chats, send money to friends and loved ones, send money to your son in college, split a bill, chip in for a gift, send and receive money across the table or across the country.

Discover how easy and magical it is to manage your finances with Dope.


Whatever your goals are, get the most of your money and save for the future or the things that matter.


Be it traveling, shopping or dining, Dope cards are accepted at tens of millions of locations around the world.

The safer way to pay.

When you make a purchase, Dope uses a device-specific number and unique transaction code. So your card number is never stored on your device or on Dope servers, and when you pay, your card numbers are never shared by Dope with merchants.

Keep your purchases private.

When you pay with a DopeCard, Dope doesn’t keep transaction information that can be tied back to you. And when you use the Dope App, information is stored only for troubleshooting, fraud prevention, and regulatory purposes.

Dope for Education.

Are you a University or a school?
We will love to work with you.

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Dope for Business

Get the power to upscale your business.
Get customers and build up loyalty.

User Experience

“To me Dope Card gets me closer to my money than the traditional bank. I’m connected to the food joints, I’m even connected to the night club, I never dreamt of having my bank as close to me like perhaps my phone, I hope this whole experience doesn’t change though LOL”
“I’m at the Architectural student so first of all the design of the card is amazing in fact its Dope! LOL, so for me I think I can relate to Dope than the Bank, you know…. The bank is too strict and straight, I feel I can relate more with Dope its friendly and youthful. At the end of the day its my money I should be able to relate you know…”
“With Dope I don’t feel I’m banking; I think the process is too easy that I really feel normal like social media hahaha and that’s really fun very cool. I actually left my bank, I saved at standard chartered, for real I left because I don’t like stress. Banks will stress you over your own money can you imagine, Dope is dope hahaha”
“Errrmm…….. for me I’m Nigerian and my parents struggle to send me money from Nigeria to Ghana. Its always either delay in the transfer or heavy charges, which is soo not cool. You know been away from my family really is disturbing left alone have money problems, I think the stress is really over because all my parents had to was to go to Ecobank in Nigeria with my dope card number and deposit money then I cash out any ATM machine on campus as simple as that, its has really changed a lot for me.

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